The Virtual War Chronologs
Book 4

The Choice

The Virtual War Chronologs Book Four

Ever since Corgan escaped his mortal enemy, Brigand, by fleeing the Florida domed city, he's felt haunted. He's haunted by the fact that Brigand is still in power in Florida, torturing innocent citizens (including Corgan's friend Thebos), but above all by the bitter memory that he ran away from Brigand rather than staying to fight. Corgan believes he made the right choice at the time, but now he wants to face Brigand in one final battle.

His passengers in the stolen zero-gravity spaceship – Sharla, Ananda, and Cyborg – have different ideas. Tired of arguing, Corgan chooses to land the ship in the only place he has ever been happy. But even there disaster follows him, until Sharla reveals a secret that gives him hope –hope that he can once again become the hero he was meant to be. This time, Corgan intends to stand up to Brigand, win or lose, in a fight to the death.

This thrilling sequel and conclusion to the Virtual War Chronologs has been eagerly awaited for by Gloria Skurzynski's many fans.


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