The Virtual War Chronologs:
Book 2

The Clones

The Virtual War Chronologs, Book 2: The Clones

Brig is dead.

For only two days, Sharla returns to Nuku Hiva. Swearing Corgan to secrecy, she explains that she took cell samples from Brig right before his death, and in her genetic engineering lab, she was able to create a number of clones. Two survived, but the Supreme Council wanted only one clone; the other was to be terminated. The baby Sharla brings in her flight bag all the way to Nuku Hiva must remain hidden. Sharla wants Corgan to raise Seabrig on Hiva, while Sharla raises his clone-twin, Brigand, in the domed city.

Corgan balks: he knows nothing about babies, but Sharla explains that the clone-twins have been genetically engineered to mature rapidly. They'll age two years for every month they live.

When the clone-twins seem to be about eight years old, Sharla comes back to Nuku Hiva with Brigand. In a tragic accident, Seabrig loses his hand - or is it an accident? Corgan believes that Brigand deliberately harmed Seabrig in order to become the dominant clone-twin.

Four months later, the clone twins have become the same age as Sharla and Corgan - sixteen - and a new war of competition, jealousy, and rage breaks out. When Sharla sides with Brigand, Corgan flees for his life.

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Exciting Review for The Clones!

Fifteen-year-old Corgan, a war hero with amazing abilities, lives on the tropical island, Hiva. Life seems ideal. All is about to change with frightening speed. It is the year 2081, Earth has been hit with terrorism, plague, disease and nuclear war. Nature is devastated and all human life is relegated to few domed cities (book one: Virtual War) plus a few Pacific islands which include Hiva. Corgan's friend--girlfriend? --Sharla arrives unexpectedly with an infant cloned from Brig, their late fellow hero of the virtual war. The baby, Seabrig, has a clone-twin named Brigand; both are genetically engineered to grow rapidly. As unsettling as their quick aging is to Corgan, he finds the difference in their personalities more so: Seabrig's is sunny, Brigand's downright malevolent. This a skewed, high tech time when teenagers aren't allowed time to mature, friendship must be sneaked and human life is valued only for its practical abilities. Skurzynski has crafted a world of tropical vegetation and barren cityscapes, relationships and jealousies, primitive danger and high tech suspense. Remarkable! This second volume contains an introduction with background material so students who haven't read the first volume can get up to speed. Hand this book to a reader who likes suspense, adventure and science, yet is still figuring out what life's values really are. 2002, Atheneum Books for Young Readers/Simon & Schuster, Ages 12 up, $16.00. Reviewer: Judy Crowder
ISBN: 0689842635

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