The Virtual War Chronologs:
Book 1

The Virtual War Chronologs:
Book 2

The Clones

When Gloria Skurzynski decided on the island of Nuku Hiva as the setting for both Virtual War and The Clones, she had no idea that 25 million television viewers would be transported to the island in the early spring of 2002. On February 28, the first episode of Survivor 4 was telecast worldwide. The series showed 16 people trying to survive on Nuku Hiva, the rugged island that Corgan chose as his home, the tiny spot in the Central Pacific Ocean where Seabrig and then Brigand (The Clones) came to join Corgan.
Now, in the concluding volume of The Virtual War Chronologs, Corgan returns once more to those islands to find the path to his own future.

Above, Gloria Skurzynski in Kennewick, Washington, with
Virtual War fans Patrick, Joe, Nick and Anthony.
Below, Gloria interviews famous scientist Jill Tarter of SETI.

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