From Seasons to Split Seconds
Published by the National Geographic Society

Award-winning science author Gloria Skurzynski takes a detailed look at the history of time and timekeeping and tells its exciting story.

Humans began measuring time by noticing the changing seasons, or the shape of the moon, or by watching for a certain star that rose with the sun every 365 days. Later, people stopped living only by nature's clocks and found ways to keep time on their own. They made clocks to drop the hours, bells to chime the minutes, and watches to tick the seconds.

When sailors took to the sea, they needed accurate timekeeping to chart their positions on the globe. Once the railroads came, if engineers' watches didn't agree, disaster could occur! Today, as scientists study the universe, their powerful telescopes let them travel backward in time by discovering light that started out billions of years ago.

In this book, photographs, art, and text work together to capture the imagination and bring the abstract, fascinating topic of time to life. Spend it, lose it, save it, waste it, run out of it, or try to define it -- you'll learn how people have dealt with it since the beginning of -- time!

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