The Virtual War Chronologs
Book 3

The Revolt

The Virtual War Chronologs Book Three

Corgan is used to being the hero. Winner of the Virtual War, he chose for his reward to live in an idyllic paradise on a beautiful, uncontaminated island. Idyllic until the clones arrived, that is. Life hasn’t been the same for Corgan since. He’s not the hero anymore and he has a real enemy in the form of Brigand, who has taken over not only Corgan’s mantle as the most well-known person in the Domes, but has also taken Corgan’s girlfriend, Sharla. Now no matter where Corgan turns, it seems that danger is just around the corner.

He tried to find a secret refuge in what remains of the state of Florida, where he meets the real -- not virtual -- Ananda. But Brigand has caught on and now he’s spoiling for a fight with Corgan. Corgan and his friends have only one chance to break out of the Dome and escape from Brigand and his followers, but can Corgan really run away again? Or will he stay and fight?

Picking right up from where The Clones left off, this fast-paced sequel will not disappoint Gloria Skurzynski’s eager fans.


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