The Virtual War Chronologs:
Book 1


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The Virtual War Chronologs:
Book 1

The story of Virtual War:

By the year 2080, plague, disease, and nuclear war have confined Earth's two million human survivors to a few domed cities, where they are governed by the Western Hemisphere Federation, the Eurasian Alliance, or the Pan Pacific Coalition. When it is discovered that a small group of islands in the Pacific has become livable again, the three federations decide to wage a bloodless virtual war, with the winner to take possession of the island called Nuku Hiva. Click here for hot news about Nuku Hiva.

All his life Corgan, then fourteen, has trained to be the champion of the Western Federation. Genetically engineered for quick reflexes, superior physical condition, and a remarkable time-splitting ability, he's been raised in isolation inside a virtual reality Box..

Only three weeks before the start of the War, Corgan meets - virtually - his two teammates: Brig, a ten-year-old mutant who is a superb strategist, and Sharla, the same age as Corgan. It is Sharla, with her brilliant ability to break codes, who brings him his first real human contact. She also teaches him to mistrust the Supreme Council, whose orders he'd always obeyed.

Disillusioned, Corgan begins to lose his perfect sense of timing. After the Supreme Council promises that he can live on the Isles of Hiva if only he will win the Virtual War, Corgan's skills improve. During the grueling, gruesome, realistic enactment of the daylong War, Corgan's team barely manages to win, and Brig suffers real damage to his already weak body.

Corgan gets the reward he wanted: to live on the Isles of Hiva. Even better, Sharla joins him there for an idyllic six months.But just before she leaves to return to her laboratory in the domed city, Sharla hints that she may have cheated to win the Virtual War. It is now 2081....

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Virtual War - an ALA Best Book for Young Adults

Critics' comments:
Booklist   The story builds to a searing conclusion as Corgan must confront the gruesome spectacle of war, which Skurzynski makes vividly real, and as he faces questions of honor, duty, and purpose.

Kirkus Reviews (pointered)   Members of the Nintendo generation gain a new perspective on electronic aggression in this taut, chilling, and finely crafted novel from Skurzynski. ItŐs an engaging, frightening realm that readers won't soon forget.

The Horn Book   The brisk pace, quirky characters, and confident use of cybertechnology will satisfy sci-fi fans.This is a timely and familiar tale of adolescent rebellion set on an intriguing future Earth. Readers will enjoy this fast-moving, easy read about a possible future where the best video game player is the ultimate hero.

Publisher's Weekly   Taking place almost entirely in a shifting series of simulated environments, this speed read could be just the ticket for cyberfiction enthusiasts.

Simon and Schuster hardcover edition $16.00
Aladdin paperback edition $4.50


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