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National Geographic Mystery!

Published by The National Geographic Society

School Library Journal writes:
Jack Landon, 12, and his younger sister, Ashley, accompany their veterinarian mother and photographer father to Yellowstone Park. Mrs. Landon has been called in to investigate an incident in which a hunting dog was purportedly chased onto park land and killed by a pack of wolves. The family dynamics are complicated by Troy, a troubled teen who is in the temporary foster care of the Landons. Due to miscommunication and unforseen circumstances, the young people end up spending a freezing night alone in the wild. Arrogant and condescending, Jack tries to assume control of the group, but Troy has his own agenda. Ashley, annoyed by her brother's attitude, asserts herself, and Jack finds that he must cooperate rather than dominate. The kids witness the shooting of a wolf and fear that the armed man may still be around. Throughout the night, they stay with the wounded wolf around a fire and talk and tell stories. In the morning, they are rescued and each has been affected by the ordeal. The wolf is saved and the mystery of the stalker is solved. This exciting book emphasizes the natural beauty and dangers of the wild. It includes several pages of full-color photos and facts about the Wolf Restoration Project and the nature of wolves. A new mystery series gets off to a great start.

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